11 in 1 Window Tinting Tool


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11 in 1 Window Tinting Tool Angle Handle Shower Rubber Felt Squeegee Blade Squeegee Tool Knife Car Tinting Window Tinting Film Installation Application

👉Window tinting tool👈


Blue rubber squeegee and white card type squeegee are used for smoothing large window film and cleaning water of glass, mirror, shower, car, and car window. Blue felt squeegee is used to eliminate air bubbles without scratches. Yellow absorbent squeegee, black absorbent squeegee, and mini pink absorbent squeegee can be widely used for wrapping narrow and corner areas of vehicles. Artisan knives and blades help to cut wallpaper, woodwork, vinyl wrapping material, window tint, or window film with precision.


Our window film kit, taking into account every detail of car film, each product has its own unique role, from cleaning to installation, making your job easier.

✨【Widely used】

The coloring squeegee vinyl squeegee kit is easy to carry and easy to use. Widely used for wall stickers, posters, paint protection film type, wallpaper installation, decals, solar film, cling film. Suitable for home garage, home, warehouse, office, car, motorcycle, truck, car, boat, door, window, glass, etc.


Material: plastic, rubber, stainless steel


1 x squeegee with fabric felt
1 x rubber spatula
1 x fish-shaped spatula
1 x mini pink spatula
1 x squeegee + handle
1 x yellow contour spatula
1 x knife + blade
10 x blades
1 x spatula
10 x fabric felt edge
1 x micro squeegee