Weed Wheel Puller Manual Weeder

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Weed Wheel pullerManual Weeder with Adjustable Pulley Round Gap Household Tools


No longer need to bend or squat to pull out weeds.

Quick removal

Put the machete of the weeder into the crack or driveway where weeds are flooded, grasp the weed tightly and pull it into the technical hook, and pull it out of the root. The working principle of the weed extractor is the same as the mop.

Free installation

You can choose the handle that suits your length to install, the connector of the weeder can be adjusted, and the handle can be adjusted and fixed by just twisting the screw.

Lightweight and portable

Manual weeding tool, small size, placed and carried, does not take up space, is a good helper for the family.

Product description

1.Specifications: curved hook models
2.Material: alloy + ABS
3.Product size: 205*70mm4.Hooks with white foam protection
4.Packaging: carton packaging (210 * 100 * 110mm)
5.Specification size: 20*10*15cm
6.Curved hook 70cm
7.2*wheel 5*2.6cm
8.Inner diameter 2.9cm
9.Features: convenient, labor-saving, convenient.

How to use

1. Choose the appropriate handle according to your height, then tighten the screws to adjust, and then fix it.

2. Just set the weeder as a paver to prevent cracks or cracks on the weeds.

3. Then start to scrape off those weeds, grab the weeds and pull out the hooks to pull them out of the roots.

4. Once you have cleared all the weeds, just sweep them clean with a broom.


The handle is not included in the product.

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