55PCS Tile Leveling System Kit

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55PCS Reusable Tile Leveling System Kit Floor Ceramic Alignment Adjustable Clip

⚡Tile Leveling System Kit⚡ 

【Great Tool For Tile Installation】

The tile Levelers are great tools for floor and wall tile setup. The leveling system ensures the complete flatness between tiles. Fast and smooth, easy to turn, reduce installer fatigue and stress.

【High Quality】

The main body of each tile leveler is high-quality environmental protection PP material, T-pin is Stainless Steel, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, high compressive strength.

【Reusable T-Pins】

The suit for the tile gap is 1.5 mm. Reusable wedges and completely removable, which is more cost-effective.

【How To Use】

The steel needle is adjusted to a straight line to insert into the gap of the tile, and the rotation is fixed to the bottom of the 2 tiles. Use a T-wrench to turn the black cover so that the 2 tiles are on the same level. Wait 4-6 hours to get rid of tiles. (Tip: Cement dries faster in summer, so the needle is pulled out earlier than winter)


Material: High-Quality PP + Stainless Steel
Color: Black+Orange
Suitable Spacer: 2-8mm Spacer
Tile thickness:5-20mm

【Package Include】

55 x Tile Leveling System Floor Kit (Optional)
1 x Wrench

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