EBL 10 Slots Fast Smart Battery Charger

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EBL 10 Slots Fast Smart Battery Charger for Alkaline AA AAA UK


  • This battery charger can charge 2/4/6/8/10 AA AAA alkaline(previously non-rechargeable) batteries.
  • It’s able to regenerate your drained alkaline batteries.
  • When batteries are out of energy, we suggest you recharge them 3 times to make the most of it.
  • Advanced MCU Control: When it detects improper input voltage, short-circuit or defective batteries, it will automatically stop charging for protection.
  • -∆V Intellectual Cut-off Method: It will automatically turn into trickle charge, fully preventing batteries from over voltage, current, and overload.
  • Smart LED Indicators: The lights let you know the charging process, red for charging batteries, green for fully charged batteries.

Multiple Batteries Charging

At the same time, it can freely charge 2/4/6/8/10 AA AAA alkaline batteries.

Good Protection

The negative delta V (- △V) cut-off function gives multiple protection including overcharge protection, short circuit protection and non-rechargeable or bad cell detection, which makes it safe and easy to use overall.


Alkaline batteries tend to keep only approximately 80% of its previous capacity for every charge.
Please only recharge alkaline batteries not more than 3 times.
Please make sure the alkalilne batteries hold the same capacity and share the same model when you put them into the charging slots with the same LED indicator.


Input: 100-240V AC MAX:200mA
Output: DC 4.2V-4.8V 50-90mA
No Load Power Consumption: 1W MAX
Full Load Power Consumption: 9.5W MAX
Battery Charge Rate: >90%
Size: 8.3 x 3.0 x1.1 inches
Weight: 5.36 oz


1 X Alkaline Battery Charger

1 X User Manual

1 X AC Power Cable

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