Cooling Stand Fan For PS4 With USB HUB Ports


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For PS4 Cooling Stand Fan Dual Charging Dock With USB HUB Ports 


  1. Brand New and Quality PS4 Cooling Stand Fan Dual Charging Dock With USB HUB Ports For PlayStation 4
  2. This cooling stand reduces the working temperature of the PS4 also can be used to charge 2 controllers at the same time. Reducing the temperature of the PS4 console improves the function of the console, reduces heat injury and extends its life.
  3. Convenient 2 X HUB and 1 USB Ports for hard Driver or Other Mobile Device, data transfer, and charging
  4. Dual Controller Charger Station, safe and quick for the charger.
  5. Independent Power Switch to avoid pulling and Inserting
  6. Two 3000FPS powerful cooling fans, efficiently disperse heat from your PS4, Keep cooling and reduce the heat injury.
  7. Anti-clip rubber.
  8. Simple plug-and-play design, very easy to install and use.
  9. Size: 37cmx 14cm x 3cm(L*W*H)
  10. Weight: 473g
  11. Charging slot
  12. Input Voltage: DC5V (with built-in LED indicator)
  13. Material: ABS


The product is not suitable for PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

 Package includes:

1 x Charging stand fan cooling system for PS4

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