POWERADD 24 Pcs AA Alkaline Batteries



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If swapping batteries out doesn't matter and you just need a lot of them right now, POWERADD offers a monstrously huge 500 pack of alkaline batteries. They're mercury-free and rated to last 10 years so you shouldn't ever need to buy AA batteries again after picking up this pack.

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POWERADD 24 Pcs AA Alkaline Batteries 2700mAh 1.5V Batteries

☪【Wide Application】

Compatible with a variety of daily devices, such as toys, alarm clocks, smart door locks, wireless mouse, remote controls, flashlights, forehead thermometer, and digital camera.


Double-shielded leak-proof technology is adopted to effectively prevent the battery from short circuit and leakage, making it safer to use.

☪【High Durability】

Poweradd alkaline batteries have 50% longer battery life than those common ones on the market, reducing the amount of effort required to replace the batteries.

☪【Safe & Eco-friendly】

Batteries are free of toxic metals (such as mercury, cadmium, and lead), safe for home use, and are environmental-friendly. Energy could be effectively reserved for up to 10 years without losing.

☪Product Specification

Size: AA
Model: LR6
Chemistry: Alkaline
Capacity: AA 2700mAh
Voltage: 1.5V
Shelf Life: 10 years
Mercury, Cadmium: No
Color: blue + black
Best for: remote control, camera flashlight, wireless mouse, radio and more

Package Includes

2*12 Pcs AA Alkaline Batteries

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