150000LM Rechargeable 6X T6 LED Headlight

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Headlamp 150000LM Rechargeable 6X T6 LED Headlight


LED lighting is very bright.

There are two switching methods: by manual button and smart sensor, very practical.

Comes with an ergonomic design, the fixed elasticity strap is very comfortable to wear. The Headlamp is lightweight, there is no

pressure when worn on the head, and it is not easy to cause fatigue after long-term use.

It is suitable for outdoor night walking, cycling, fishing, camping, and other activities at night.

It is water-resistant and can be used on rainy days.

The illumination range is wide, and the headlamp can rotate up and down at 45 degrees. You can adjust it at will.


Light Source: LED COB
Brightness: 150000LM
Lighting Range: 200m
USB Power Input: 5V
Charging Time: 2.5h
Working Time: 2-4h
Working Current: 0.2A
USB charging cable: 75cm long.
8 Lighting Modes: High/Low Light/Side COB Light/3 Lights Lighting/Red SOS Lighting/Sensor Mode
Water Resistance: IPX6
Headlamp Size: about 6*4.5*3.5cm.

Package Include

1 x headlamp

2X 18650 batteries

1X USB charging cable.

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