12 Pack GU10 50 Watt Halogen Spotlight Bulbs Warm Lightsave

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12 Pack Lightsave GU10 50 Watt Halogen Spotlight Bulbs Warm White


50 Watt GU10 Halogen Spotlight This bulb is ideal for creating a comfortable & inviting living ambience. With instant light and the option for dimming you can create any mood, you wish with this bulb. Use it to highlight your special objects or combine multiple spots for general home lighting.


Please Note: These GU10 Bulbs are 50Watt

30% energy saving that lasts

Provides a crisp bright warm focused warm light

Instant Full Brightness

2000 Hours Life

40 Degree Beam Angle.


Light bulb colour: Clear

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 50W

Specification: GU10

Colour: warm light

Quantity: 12 Pack

Product size 55*49.2mm.


12 Pack.

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