6 Pcs gardening tools set


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Plant happily and work effectively.
If you think life is boring, then you find a hobby of your own!
For example, you can buy a set of garden tool kits, and then go get close to nature.
You can slowly calm down your impetuous heart while dealing with plants.
Let yourself get the collision of inner-thinking and soul freedom.
You can decorate your life with flowers in the hot summer and get a hint of coolness from the plants.
Learn to enjoy life and discover the beauty of life.

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Aviation Quality Alloy Steel Gardening Tools Set For Planting and Pruning. Soil Shovel Weeding Rake For Digging. Gift For Women, Man, and Gardener.

🌼The material is higher than other similar products:

The ergonomic handle will not make you tired, made of TPR soft rubber. The carbon steel head, which will not be easily deformed and broken, and will not rust after long-term storage in waterproof.

🌷Hanging hole design, easy to store:

The end of the handle is equipped with a hanging hole for threading to hang on a high place for storing cabinets. 

🌳Truly high-quality gardening tool kit:

This kit contains a trowel, transplanter, hand rake, hand hoe & fork, pruning shears, garden gloves. Appropriate gardening tools can satisfy your indoor and outdoor care of flowers and trees, such as pruning, digging, loosening the soil, aeration, and transplanting.


Equipped with a pair of waterproof and stab-resistant gloves, which can isolate the soil, breathe and not hurt your hands, and your fingertips will not leak soil when digging and transplanting. 

🌱As great gift:

The high-quality packaging box can be used to store a full set of tools. This set of gardening tools can be used for at least three years, with guaranteed quality and a beautiful appearance. This is an ideal birthday gift for family, friends, or colleagues.

Package list

1 piece * a trowel
1 piece * transplanter
1 piece * hand rake
1 piece * hand hoe & fork
1 piece * pruning shears
1 pair * garden gloves
1 piece * storing bag