Facial Steamer Beauty Clean Sauna Mist for All Skin

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Facial Steamer Face Spa Pores Steam Sprayer Beauty Clean Sauna Mist for All Skin


1. Mask is a good partner - VOUMEY facial steaming facial machine can open your pores to help remove the face of dirt, grease and cosmetics, then apply mask to better absorb nutrients, the skin get deeper care.

2. Improve skin problems - Improve skin dull, dry and peeling, coarse pores, fine lines and other skin problems, only 15 minutes a day, for a month, you will find different changes to your skin feel more young .

3. Double Function - Use as a direct skin care tool, or simply run the steamer as an internal humidifier to improve air humidity.

4. Environmental protection material - Environmental aluminum oxide liner, easy to clean, beautiful and durable, can effectively rust, corrosion, scale; Detachable steam nose, a multi-purpose machine, PP environmentally friendly materials, high temperature, Your health and safety care.

5. Easy for using and safe - Disposable water available for more than 8 minutes, heating fast, 0/1/2 Switch setting with LED indicator light, water from the surrounding holes in the discharge, the use of safer, to prevent burns.

Package Includes:

1 x UK Plug Face Facial Steamer

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