EBL 900mWh USB AAA Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries 4pcs


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4X EBL USB Rechargeable 1.5V 900mWh AAA Lithium Batteries + Micro Charging Cable

⚡USB Rechargeable Battery⚡ 

【1200 Cycles Of Charging】

AA rechargeable lithium batteries can be recharged 1200 times, with a longer life than the alkaline battery and NI-MH battery, saving thousands of common batteries and reducing a significant about of landfill waste. PROTECT the earth from Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead pollution.

【Constantly 1.5V】

1.5V Lithium USB AA batteries are constantly Charge and discharge without noticeable reduction of battery life. 900mWh li-ion long-lasting rechargeable triple-a batteries.

【Fast And Convenient Charging】

These batteries could be full charged for about 2 hours, and you can recharge the 4 batteries with provided 4-in-1 charging cable at the same time, more efficient and saving time.

【Wide Applications】

Same as regular AAA battery, Ideal for low drain devices, and some high drain devices as well. Recommend use to blink camera, toys, wireless keyboard, LED Flashlight, door lock, TV remote, Electric Shaver, Household Products, and so on.


Capacity: 900mWh
Charging Time: about 2 Hours
Charging Current: 5V/1A

【Package Included】

4x Li-ion Battery
1x USB Charging Cable