Diesel Petrol Car Compression Gauge Engine Cylinder Pressure Tester



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Diesel Petrol Engine Cylinder Pressure Tester Car Compression Gauge Test Kit 


Petrol Engine Compression Tester Kit
This compression tester is quickly set up on your car to give you accurate readings
for finding faults in valves, piston rings, cylinder bores or head gaskets.
Suitable for petrol engines on Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks and petrol vehicles.

Specification :

For professional use.
Quickly and accurately check compression on petrol engines.
Dual scale 63mm gauge (psi / bar).( reading from 0-300psi and 0-20kg/cm2 )
Flexible extension - 400mm
Straight & Angled Push-On connectors
4 Thread sizes Adapters : M8 X 1.5, M10 X 1.0, M12 X 1.25, M14 X 1.25

Package Include:

1x Cylinder compression tester from 0-300 psi
1x Adapter M10x 1.0
1x Adapter M12x 1.25
1x Adapter M14x 1.25
1x Adapter M18x 1.5
2x Pressure tubes with rubber nozzles
1x Carry case

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