30pcs Silicone Caulking Tool Kit


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30pcs Caulking Tools, Silicone Caulking Finishing Tool Kit(stainless steelhead), Reuse and Replace 5 Silicone Pads, Sealant Caulk for Bathroom, Window, Sink Joint and Kitchen

👉Caulking Tools👈

❤️【30Pcs 3 In 1 Caulking Tools】

This set of upgraded caulking tools is the ideal auxiliary tool for all sealing operations to improve agglutinating quality and the aesthetic sense of the surface. 

❤️【Save cost】

The caulking tools are very easy to clean with a damp cloth and reuse, reduce the waste of sealant, have no need for masking tape, are convenient and quick to use, saves money and time

❤️【Easy to Use】

Two modes of scraper-stainless steel scraper and silica gel shovel, the former to remove the stubborn old glue and the latter to remove the surface bulge and depression, to complete most silica gel work, any edge, corner, and joint.

❤️【Wide Application】

When you have any caulk problem with your kitchen, bathroom, tank, window, sink joint, and so on, when our caulking tools appear, make all types of caulk work easier and all your caulk joints look flawless. Why not order one?

✦Caulking nozzle applicator finishing tool

It is available in 14 different sizes to easily meet your caulking needs. Fills and seals gaps with ease.

✦3 in 1 caulking tool + 6 piece sealant finishing tool

This upgraded set of tools helps you to repair gaps and clean residual glue, improving the quality of the bond and the aesthetics of the surface.

✦Seam scraper

The seam scraper removes residual glue and is the ideal aid for sealing work.


Name: Caulking tool kit
Quantity: One set (30pcs)

Package Contents

1 x White 3 in 1 metal squeegee
14 x stainless steel glue nozzles
6 x glue heads
4 x shaded squeegee
1 x hard spout
1 x soft glue nozzle
1 x adhesive tape
3 x brushes

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