Cake Decorating Turntable Tools Set Shafts


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Cake Decorating Turntable Tools Set, Including 6 PCS Tools, 11 inch Cake Turntable, Curved Spatula,  Straight Spatula, Semicircular Scraper, Trapezoidal Scraper, Triangular Toothed Scraper, Cake Decorating Supplies

⚡Cake Decorating Turntable Tools Set ⚡ 

Cake Turntable

Counterclockwise rotation allows you to easily create beautiful borders when decorating your cake.

The surface of the smooth mold surface is easier to clean, the flexible shaft is easy to control the rotation time and speed. It has a full 360 degrees access.

Icing Spatula

It is suitable for making layered cakes and spreads evenly and smoothly on the crumb layer.

Icing Smoother

It is suitable for creating no less than 3 patterns on the side or top of the cake.

Environmental Protection Materials

The cake turntable is made of environmentally friendly material-plastic PP, lightweight and durable, meeting the food hygiene standards to use more More peace of mind.

【Antiskid Design

A high-quality bottom with an antislip ring design can prevent the device from back and forth sliding, having a more smooth and flexible operation.

Anti-skid pattern Design: Biaohua table is designed with the anti-skid pattern, which can prevent the Biaohua cake from falling off. The surface of the three Biaohua scale would meet the different size requirements.

【Decorating cakes】

Spread a layer of frosting on the top of the cake with a spatula. Once you have completed a complete rotation. Use a spatula to scrape off any excess frost to make the edges smooth.

【 What You Get】

1 x Cake Turntable

2 x Icing spatula.

3 x Cake Smoother

【 Strengths 】

⚡ Cake Decorating Supplies
⚡ Antiskid bottom
⚡ Environmental Protection
⚡ Rotates 360 degrees

【Specification 】

Material: food grade PP
Cake base divider material: steel/stainless steel
Cake Turntable size: diameter: 11inch, height : 2.7inch  
Curved spatula size: 10.63*1.18 inch
Straight spatula size: 10.63*1.18 inch 
Trapezoidal Scraper size: 4.72*3.15 inch
Semicircular Scraper size:  4.72*3.54 inch
Triangular Toothed Scraper size: 4.33*2.95 inch

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