Bird Bath Fountain Solar Powered Water Pump Garden Pool

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 Bird Bath Fountain Solar Powered Water Pump Floating Outdoor Pond Garden Pool

Product Features:

1. Eco-Friendly Solar Fountain Pump: runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed.
2. Convenient for Use: Simply cleaning, easily move to different locations, no plugs required.
3. With 4 kinds of fountain heads: Can create 4 different water patterns.
4. Multi-Application: birdbath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.
5. Note: please kindly let the solar power pump kit get the full shine to work (no shadow or cloud)

Product Specifications:

Solar Birdbath Fountain Pump
Application: bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.
Color: Black
Water spray: Composite fountain
Solar panel: 7V/1.4W
Brushless pump input: DC 4.5-10V
Maximum quantity of flow: 150L/h
Maximum delivery Distance: 70cm
Maximum delivery height: 45cm
Regular delivery height: 30-60cm
Fountain heads: 4 kinds
Waterproof: Yes
Eco-Friendly: Yes

How To Use:

1. Put the pump totally in the water with its nozzle over the water;
2. Be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration;
3. Put the solar panel under enough sunlight and it is better to face directly to the sun.

Package Include:

1 x Solar Fountain Pump
7x Accessories

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