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Watch winders are essential pieces of equipment for automatic watch wearers. They extend the longevity of your watch’s lifespan and also prevent you from having to manually wind your watch after a few days of no use. 

Automatic Rotation Single Watch Winder, In Exquisite Leather. 

Premium synthetic leather:

Comes with an elegant leather box that leaves off a premium impression. The soft interior has been applied to protect your watch and avoid scratches.

Dual Power Options:

A: Battery-powered: Powered By AA batteries.
B: AC Power: Can be also powered by the AC adapter.

Extremely Quiet Motor:

Extremely quiet and long-lasting, running without noise. The level of noise is fully negligible as you can enjoy displaying your watch in the bedroom for example without representing a distraction factor and fall asleep at ease at night.

Small and Lightweight:

The design fits for displaying your automatic watch.

Package list

1 * Watch Window
1 * Adapter
1 * Clean cloth
1 * User Manual

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