115DB Air Horn Dual Trumpet Loud Compressor


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115DB Air Horn Dual Trumpet Loud Compressor For Motorcycle Car Truck Train Boat

 ⚡Air Horn

【Loud and powerful】

This dual horn blares out a loud and powerful warning. The great bellowing sound catches everyone's attention and is heard all over. The two durable trumpets can produce sound as loud as 115DB

【Premium quality】

This dual horn is constructed out of premium quality material to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage; and is designed to be weather resistant. With a polished red compressor and shiny black horns, they cast a striking appearance on any vehicle-mounted.


This dual horn is designed for customers looking for a loud and affordable air horn. The build quality is great and totally worth it for a very affordable price.


This dual horn can be mounted on any application that has a 12V DC power available. The horns are commonly installed on cars, trucks, vans, tractors, etc. However, it is also extremely suitable for motorcycles or boats.

【Easy to install】

This dual horn is easy to install. The horn kit includes basic mounting hardware, hose, and relay. Horn color may vary.

【 What You Get】

2x Air Horn
1x Compressor
1x Relay
1x tuber
other install tool set

【Specification 】

Product Name: Air Horn
Suitable for: Train/car/truck/van
DB output: 115db
Placement on Vehicle: Front
Horn Type: Air Horn
Volume: Loud
Type: Air horn with compressor
Input: DC12V max 70W
Air pump: 4.13"x2.36"
Big speaker: 8.27"x2.95"
Small speaker: 6.5"x2.76"