EBL 1.5v Alkaline AAA Batteries, 28 pcs


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EBL Alkaline AAA Batteries - 1.5V Triple-A Long-Lasting Alkaline Battery with 10-Year Shelf Life 

AAA Alkaline Battery  

【 Ultra Long Lasting 】

EBL high-performance AAA alkaline batteries have been manufactured with premium raw materials and high-density cell technology, they will give your devices enough power and last longer, so you can rest assured to use your various devices.

【 10 Year Shelf Life 】

With high-density cell technology, EBL AAA alkaline batteries can maintain the best power for up to 10 years in storage, buy in bulk and save them without worry.

【Great Protection and Non-Leakage】

EBL batteries provide excellent anti-leakage performance during storage and over-discharge use, provide superior protection for you and your devices.

【Universal Compatibility】

Applicable to all equipment that requires aaa batteries, such as game controllers, mouse, remotes, toys, and more, you can buy our batteries with confidence

【 What You Get 】

28 packs AAA Alkaline Battery

【Specification 】

Battery Size: AAA Alkaline Battery
Manufacturer: EBL
Weight: 1.73/11.98 oz
Voltage: 1.5V
Battery Technology: Alkaline
Dimensions: Height: 44±0.5mm Diameter: 10±0.5mm
Pack Size: 4/28
Product Type: Batteries
Rechargeable Y/N: No 
Nominal voltage: 1.5V
Average weight: 0.39oz
Nominal capacity: 1000mAh
Over-discharge test: under the environment of 20°C±2°C and 60±15%RH, continuous discharge with 20Ω resistance
Constant temperature and humidity test: 60 ± 2°C relative humidity is lower than 90% RH
Model: LR03
Battery polarity: "+" and "-"
Outer diameter (light body battery) minimum value: 10.11mm maximum value: 10.21mm
Total length Min: 43.80mm Max: 44.40mm.