9.6V 3.0Ah Ni-CD Battery for MAKITA

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9.6V 3.0Ah Ni-CD Battery for MAKITA 191681-2 9000 9001 9002 9033 9600 632007-4


  1. Brand New |Rechargeable Ni-CD|9.6 Volts |3000 mAh |21.1Wh
  2. Professional Replacement battery for Makita 9000,9001,9002,9033,9600,191681-2, 632007-4
  3. Fully Compatible with Makita 4190D,Makita 4300D,Makita 5090D,etc.
  4. Come with a pair of gloves for protecting your hand while using power tool.
  5. Products are CE certified, tested by manufacturer to match or exceed specifications of OEM products.

Fits for : (please use “Ctrl + F” to search)

Makita 4190D Makita 4190DW Makita 4300D Makita 4300DW Makita 4390D Makita 4390DW Makita 5090D Makita 5090DW Makita 6012HD Makita 6012HDW Makita 6092D Makita 6092DW Makita 6093D Makita 6093DW Makita 6094D Makita 6094DW Makita 6095D Makita 6095DW Makita 6095DWBE Makita 6096D Makita 6096DW Makita 6096DWBE Makita 6096DWE Makita 6096DWLE Makita 6891D Makita 6891DW Makita 6900D Makita 6900DW Makita 8400D Makita 8402DW Makita 8402VD Makita 8402VDW Makita 903D Makita 903DW Makita DA390D Makita DA390DW Makita DA391D Makita DA391DW Makita ML900 (Flashlight) Makita ML902 (Flashlight) Makita T220D Makita T220DW

Compatible Part Numbers :

191681-2, 632007-4, 9000, 9001, 9002, 9033, 9600

Package Includes :

1 x 9.6V 3000mAh NIMH Battery for Makita 9000 9001 9002 9033 9600 632007-4
1 x pair of gloves

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