Make Up Brush Clothes Holder Cover Tidy set

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Color: White

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8Pcs Storage Organizer Box Drawer Make Up Brush Clothes Holder Cover Tidy set 


1. Use this drawer organizer to say goodbye to messy and wasted space, a long-lasting storage solution.
2, suitable for makeup drawer storage box, bathroom drawer storage box, office drawer storage box, is ideal for bathroom, office supplies, cosmetics or dressing table, can be used to organize hair accessories or school supplies.
3, 8 durable desk drawer storage boxes and storage space: The set includes 2 large drawers, each 9.25*6.3*1.77in, 3 medium drawers 9.25*2.95*1.77in, 3 2.95*2.95*1.77in Small drawers.
4. In the kitchen, bathroom, dressing table or office - this multi-functional desk drawer storage box


1.Material: plastic
2.Size: approx.
Large drawer: 23.5*16*4.5cm/9.25*6.3*1.77in
Medium drawer: 23.5*7.5*4.5cm/9.25*2.95*1.77in
Small drawer: 7.5*7.5*4.5cm/2.95*2.95*1.77in
3.Weight: about 350g
4.Color: Black, White

Package Included:

2 x Large drawer
3 x Medium drawer
3 x Small drawer

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