4-Slots 9V Charger 9-Volt Li-ion Battery Charger for Lithium 6F22


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1. 100% Brand New and High Quality.
2. Wide voltage input, suitable for the global.
3. Each slot independent charge, the corresponding LED light charging indicator.
4. Only charging for 1-4pcs 9V Lithium batteries, do not charge for another type of battery.
5. When the battery is charging the LED turns Blue, and the battery is fully charged (the Voltage to achieve 8.1V), the LED turns off.

The Details

1. Input: USB DC 5V
2. Output: DC 8.4V 400MA(1 9v battery) DC 8.4V 150mA(4 9V battery)
3. No Load Power Consumtion: 1W MAX
4. Full Load power consumtion: 5W MAX
5. Battery Charge Rate:>90%
6. Size: 98mm x 92mm x 39mm
7. Weight: 91g
8. For Fit: 6F22(9V)Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Compatible With

9V 6F22 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries


1x EBL 9V battery charger (not include battery)
1x User manual