Waterproof Bike Phone Mount Holder


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360° Bicycle Motor Bike Waterproof Phone Case Mount Holder For All Mobile Phones


    Mount it on your bike, will convenient you to check time/map/callings/messages no matter on fine day or rain day.
    Waterproof case.It only protects in slightly water-drop or rain.
    It has waterproof and inductive touch functions.
    Designed in the simple bag with zipper door.
    Touch screen operation smoothly.
    360 degree rotation.
    Colour: black

Product Feature:

    Bicycle Cycle Mount Holder
    Inside two mounting arms, there are soft foam to hold the product anti-slide, shock-proof.
    Rotatable at 360 degrees.
    The case is Waterproof to protect your case from rain or any water drops.
    You Can Touch the screen of the mobile through transparent front cover
    (But it may not function like a phone without cover).
    Foam inserts keep device in contact with cover and screen.
    Mount it on your bicycle or motorcycle handlebar,
    Heavy duty suction cup and lock clip to make sure your device stays in place.

Package Include:

      1 x Waterproof Bicycle Case
      1 x Bicycle Stand Holder