15Pcs Diamond Holesaw set Holes Saw Drill Bit Glass Marble Ceramic Cutter Tile



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High quality 15 Pieces Diamond Hole Saw Set.
Excellent for making clean and accurate holes in glass, tile, marbles and ceramic.
Works better with electric drill.
Stable drilling with fast speed.
Safely Drill without making any damage to the border.
Start your hole diagonally, make a round trace and then hold drill straight.
When cutting hard materials it is important to ensure the cutter is kept cool to avoid damage to the material being drilled and premature wear of the cutter.
Using water as a coolant/lubricant will substantially extend the life of these hole saws.
Very easy to use, high quality, good performance, long life.


Color: Silver
Material: Steel
Type: Drill Bits & Chucks

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